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Marifood Group is a food and beverage manufacturing company based in Central Java, Indonesia. Starting out as a local home industry, Marifood Group successfully grew into a national-scale company that distributed its products across Indonesia, as well as to foreign countries

One of the main products is an instant fruit juice with over 24 tropical fruit flavors, called Marimas.  Marimas currently has the most flavor varieties for fruit juices in Indonesia.

After establishing its initial products in the market, Marifood Group developed other brands and types of products as well. The variety of products range from fun products, such as Marimas Es Lilin, Kokobeluk Icepresso coffee, to healthy and natural products such as Kongbap and Serbat Jangkrik Mas.

PT Marimas Putera Kencana maintains its products standards and quality by implementing ISO 22000 Quality Management System certified by Certification Body of Australia. In addition, all of the products are Halal certified by the Majelis Ulama Indonesia, and registered with the Food and Drug Agency of Indonesia.

In line with the development of the company, PT Marimas Puteri Kencana also aims to develop its surrounding communities as well. The company holds programs annually for corporate social activities that focus on environmental conditions by cooperating with communities and social organizations. Various CSR activities that have been done include: the rehabilitation of mangrove forests, plastic recycling training, education scholarships, and anti-hoax campaigns for schools and teachers.





Jalan Candi I / D-21, Kawasan Industri Candi Gatot Subroto
Semarang 50146, Central Java - INDONESIA

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Jalan Candi 1 Blok D20, Kawasan Industri Candi Gatot Subroto
Semarang 50146, Central Java - INDONESIA

 +62-24-7614-027      +62-24-7614-042


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